What is Inputtie?

Inputtie is an application that allows you to control multiple computers with the mouse and keyboard of one device.

Once installed on each device, you can create connections between your computers with ease.

On your main computer, move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen – seamlessly it appears on your secondary device!

What Inputtie Does

How do I install Inputtie?

It’s easy! Simply visit the downloads page to find the latest version:http://www.inputtie.com/download/

Once you have downloaded the Inputtie Installer, double click on it to begin installation.

How do I setup Inputtie

The way it works is simple. When opened it automatically detects other devices on your network that have Inputtie running. You then make a connection between your two devices by simply dragging and dropping an arrow from one device to another:

Device Connection

Do the same on the other device and your computers are now connected, its that simple! Now when you move your mouse across to the side of the screen (side dependant on which arrow you picked) it will magically appear on the screen of the other device, splendid!

The secondary device is detected but I cannot move my mouse cursor onto it.

Make sure that you have created a connection between the computers on the secondary device as well as the primary device. To do this, open the Inputtie window and drag an arrow from one device icon to the other.

My devices can’t see each other! How do I fix this?

Firstly make sure Inputtie is installed on both devices and ensure you have a connection between them

If your devices still cannot see each other you may have some sort of network error. Inputtie needs a local network to work correctly. It also needs to be run on a network where all devices share the same subnet.

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